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Smuggler’s Cove & Vocelli Pizza Poconos (Tannersville)
12/13/2020 Important Update

To all staff and loyal customers of Smugglers Cove and Vocelli Pizza:
Due to the most recent NEW set of Rules and Guidelines (that started 12/12/2020), including indoor dining being closed, we will be making some noticeably big changes to the way we do some things at both Smugglers Cove and Vocelli Pizza. We do have plans, weather permitting, to open up the patio this weekend for outdoor dining, we will provide an update soon.

Smugglers Cove will be closed Sunday (Dec 13th), Monday (Dec 14th), and Tuesday (Dec 15th). We will be making additional BIG changes that we will unveil Wednesday on December 16th. These changes include a NEW RETAIL MARKET simply called THE MARKET at the COVE, as well as streamlining and improving our services.

1. This retail market will feature Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Lobster Tails, Crab Legs, our Famous Crab Cakes, Coconut Shrimp, and many other Smugglers Cove favorites. Do you like our mango salsa on grilled salmon? You will be able to buy the salmon AND the mango salsa right here ready to take home! Just cook the salmon and top it with the salsa! BAM, as they say!

Do you like Seafood gumbo, Cream of Corn and Crab Chowder or Crab Bisque? All of these and MORE will be packaged for you to take home, complete with cooking instructions or reheating instructions as needed.

How about some Cooked Shrimp Cocktail by the pound? Or Big Wild Gulf Shrimp with Homemade Cocktail Sauce and Fresh Horseradish. It will come complete with lemons and everything that you need. Are you planning a family get together, sure you are this time of year, Do you need a bag of 100 clams picked fresh the day before/ just call us 24 hours in advance of your order and we will get whatever you need. How about some fresh Hawaiian Opah, well that might take 1 1/2 days’, we can get it delivered on ice right here to smugglers and have it ready for you. How about fresh Alaskan halibut, or even some Florida stone crab claws before they are out of season?

Wait, keep it easy with a tray of ready to bake Clams Casino and Oysters Rockefeller for Christmas Eve. Or maybe you just would like a big tray of crabmeat stuffed shrimp ready to bake in the oven, with a side of our Jumbo lump handmade crab cakes? That’s right Why not?? It’s been along year, why not finish out these last two weeks with some ready to cook, quality food for the family!!

2. The Market will also have available the best variety of USDA PRIME 21 Day aged Hand Cut Steaks and Whole USDA PRIME 21-day aged Roasts for you to take home to make a Family Meal fit for a king or a queen of course. Would you like to buy a Full or ½ of a Roast of USDA Prime Ribeye? It will be ready to simply take home and cook, we will already have seasoned it for a few hours. We will even have the Au Jus ready for you!

3. This new market will also feature all the trimmings you need to really make your Steak or Roast the way you like it when you go out. Need freshly made Chimichurri Sauce for a Thick Center Cut New York Strip Steak? Or maybe you want to sauté some wild mushrooms with our famous garlic butter sauce so you can put them on top of a juicy, loaded with flavor, melt in your mouth 16 oz USDA PRIME Ribeye Steak. Or maybe you are a classic steak eater, and just want a fork tender, melt in your mouth, but Flavorful Filet Mignon with Hollandaise sauce. Just want some Domestic Gulf WILD shrimp for change?? We have it all!

Streamlining and Improving Our Services
During the time that we will be closed from December 13th – December 15th, we also be reorganizing a few processes and procedures of the food and beverages we serve. We want to ensure that we are producing and delivering our products to you, our loyal customers exactly how we intend. We need to make sure we are not producing our items or packaging our items in a way that diminishes them as we have high standards for all the food we serve. We have had to make a lot of changes in the past few months and we have learned a lot during that process. For example, we know that some items travel well in packaging, whereas others cannot sit in a container for more then 5 minutes or they will lose quality rapidly. We now know that there are specific items that we should never have offered for long travel in the first place, and I personally do not want to upset one more customer over something that we cooked, sent out for delivery, and then over time on the road it was ruined! Due to this, we have decided to limit our menu to only offer items that we know will go from our kitchen, to your home that will arrive with the intended quality.

Over the next few days, we will be gathering a new team of delivery drivers together utilizing our current staff, this way we will know who is delivering our food to customers, and what they are doing to make sure that it gets there correctly.

Lastly, I have decided to lower the price of any item that previously came with one or two sides. You know will have the choice to add them to your order and purchase them separately. Previously, when 7 people would order 7 entrees that was about 5 bags of food with at least 21 boxes, with 2 sides for each entrée, plus bread, butter, SAUCES etc. This was a lot of food to get together, into bags, to deliver, and unfortunately a lot of CHANCES to make a mistake with the order. We are trying to uncomplicate this process now so that you are only paying for the items that you want.

We greatly appreciate YOU, our dedicated customers, for your continued support. We are excited for you to use our updated delivery process as well as THE MARKET at the COVE.

Chris Sarajian - Owner








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