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UPDATE 8/5/2020 – Smuggler’s Cove & Vocelli Pizza Poconos (Tannersville)

Good morning everyone. I wanted to take a minute to give a brief update as to what is going on and where we are at here at Smugglers Cove and Vocelli Pizza Poconos. It has been without a doubt for me the toughest year I can remember as far as outside interferences effecting My business, My staff, My family, and My customers. Yesterday was no exception as we saw 16’ high water flooding though the back offices and storage areas of Smuggler’s Cove and Vocelli Pizza here in Tannersville. I guess it is just another par for the course for 2020.

Here are a few messages I feel we need to get out to everyone. To all our staff and guests and families and friends.

1. First off again, I need to thank all the people who helped us get though yesterday as the flood waters kept rising. We received help from some of our guests, strangers, people passing by, neighbors, THE POLICE and The Fire company and our own staff. It was an awesome sight to see everyone just pulling together and doing what it took to deal with the flash flood. Seeing is believing and what I saw yesterday reinforced what I hope is the case. We are all in this together, and when we need to, we help each other. I would like to say after working late into the night and back at it early this morning, the staff and I at both Smuggler’s Cove and Vocelli Pizza Poconos, will be open on time at today, August 5th at 11am (Smuggler’s Cove) and 11:30am (Vocelli Pizza Poconos) TODAY. Thank you to everyone.

2. Yesterday news: We have received our permit to serve alcoholic beverage from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. We were extremely excited about this and happy to share this news to you. You may now sit and relax on our brand-new patio (The Cove Patio) and we will bring any one of our ice-cold beers, specialty cocktails or glass of wines right to your table. No more getting up and walking over to the bar yourself. Yeahhh!

3. I also would like to say thank you to my oldest son Ronald (RJ) and his girlfriend Emily. This past March/April when the Pandemic was really coming on and we were all scared, I asked my son RJ to come back from North Jersey where he was working in a good job after just graduating from ESU in December 2019. I did this all knowing how hard it is to work with family, as I have done for 28 of my 32-year work career. It is not easy as some say or one would think! None of us knew what to expect with Covid-19 exploding and I wanted family close. Both RJ and Emily came back and helped institute so many new things across our 40 plus year old company. We had fallen so far behind in so many aspects that were needed in this business to be successful and stay relevant. We are no longer behind; in fact, we are out front again. I could list all that they helped with, but that list would be way too long. It will now be time for them to go back to their real careers. I just wanted to sincerely say thank you to them for putting up with me, I expect a lot, and coming to help family when it was needed. That is so important to me as I am sure it is to most of us. So, thanks guys for the last 6 months and good luck.


That is all. Hopefully, we will see you all of you soon.

Chris Sarajian - Owner








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